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Provincial Investment in Music Industry Translates into Revenues, Jobs

Posted on January 4, 2017

MANITOBA - December 16, 2016 – Manitoba’s music industry is experiencing both cultural and economic growth, turning government investment into real job creation and economic impact.

According to a music industry economic impact study released by Manitoba Music on December 15, 2016, the industry generated $4.12 for every dollar invested, where a total investment of $3.1 million resulted in $15.7 in tax revenues.

“Manitoba’s music industry continues to generate incredible success stories, both economic and cultural,” said Carole Vivier, CEO & Film Commissioner at Manitoba Film & Music. “Despite a rapidly changing industry and challenging revenue models, we are celebrating growth, expansion and the creation of highly creative jobs.”

Manitoba Film & Music (MFM) administers funding from the provincial government through programs that support recording, touring, marketing, music video creation and business development.

“Undoubtedly, Manitoba Film & Music has been our most key partner to date,” said Andrew Sannie from the acclaimed Manitoba band The Lytics, whose albums were funded in part by MFM. “Their granting system has allowed my group the ability to pursue opportunities we likely wouldn’t have had the means to consider otherwise.”

In 2016, The Lytics were chosen to participate in the prestigious JUNO Master Class program, aimed at developing Canada’s most promising emerging artists. The program is sponsored in part by MFM.

“It’s so crucial for me to be able to have access to the funding that MFM provides,” said Alexa Dirks, lead singer of the band Begonia, and vocalist for Chic Gamine. “It’s not always easy trying to make it as a career musician but MFM helps make it possible for me and so many other Manitoba artists.”

MFM supported Begonia’s album ‘Juniper’, whose title track made it to #1 on CBC’s Radio 2 Top 20.

In addition to supporting artist entrepreneurs, provincial funding for the industry also helps support music business including studios and management companies.

“Manitoba Film & Music provides essential funding which helps give our company a fighting chance in a highly competitive industry,” said Michael Falk of Head in the Sand, a local music company that has several divisions including management, a record label and a recording studio. “Without this funding, it would be terribly difficult to justify keeping our music company based in Winnipeg.”

“The music industry is a relatively difficult one these days, and funding for our artists and their projects goes a long way to making what we do viable,” said John Paul Peters of Private Ear Recording.

Since inception, MFM has funded over 1,200 music recording projects (including 566 full-length albums) and nearly 12,000 individual tour dates. MFM-funded albums have received over 100 awards including JUNOS, Western Canadian Music Awards, Indigenous Music Awards and more.

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