Film Programs

Grant Program for Emerging Talent and Micro-Budget Production

This program is designed to support two streams of micro-budget productions:

1) Entry-level filmmakers who have received production funding awards through a competitive, juried process from a recognized industry organization (eg. Telefilm, NSI, Manitoba Arts Council). These projects are not normally destined for theatrical distribution or primetime television exhibition; and

2) Producers of factual or scripted programming for projects with micro-budgets that do not exceed $100,000 and who have received a cash license or a distribution advance from a third-party distributor. Projects destined primarily for VOD or online distribution are eligible. Third-party investments do not render the project ineligible but are not sufficient to make it eligible; a cash license or distribution advance is a required trigger.

Projects that have received funding through another organization's program that MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC has financially supported are ineligible.

There are no set deadlines for this program. Applications can be sent in throughout the year.

Manitoba Film & Music is no longer accepting program applications via mail or email. To apply for this program, eligible applicants must submit through Manitoba Film & Music’s new online application portal by clicking here.

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