Film Programs

Feature Film Marketing Fund

This program assists applicants with the promotion and marketing of feature film projects at time of theatrical release, festivals and markets to either enhance the promotion and marketing of the release theatrically and/or to attract the attention of distributors/sales agents to support the increase in commercial interest in the project. It is not the intention of the program to duplicate support in areas already covered under On Screen Manitoba's Access to Markets, Access to Festivals, and Professional Marketing Fund, and as such does not apply to travel, accommodations, or per diems, and/or promotional or marketing activities covered under the Winnipeg Film Group’s Marketing Fund. It is also intended to compliment not replace resources, financial and otherwise, committed by the distributors of the film.

There is no set deadlines for this program, applications can be sent in throughout the year; however, applications must be received at least three weeks prior to the event/release.

Manitoba Film & Music is no longer accepting program applications via mail or email.  To apply for this program, eligible applicants must submit through Manitoba Film & Music’s new online application portal by clicking here.

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