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Pilot Podcast Development Fund

In recognition of the need to stimulate the creation and development of innovative and marketable podcasts based on new or existing Manitoba intellectual property, MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC accepts requests for funding to assist producers to write and create multi-episodic podcasts intended for production in Manitoba.

The Pilot Podcast Development Fund will provide financial support to podcast productions in the form of a recoupable loan to producers; providing them with the opportunity to create strong podcast scripts with demonstrated market interest.

To be eligible for financial support, the applicant must:

- Be a resident Manitoba producer, defined as a producer who operates a company in Manitoba that is majority owned and controlled by Manitoba residents.  Note:  Applications must be submitted by an eligible Manitoba resident producer;
- Have a minimum of two years of experience as a producer of podcasts, radio, film, television or related form;
- Producers who do not meet this requirement but who are judged to have equivalent experience (including experience in film or radio production) may be deemed eligible at MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC’s sole discretion;
- Have proof of ownership in the underlying property and the necessary, corresponding current rights or options to develop, produce and exploit the production throughout the world (may be shared in the case of co-development applications).

To be eligible for financial support, the project must:

- Be either an adaptation of an existing Manitoba intellectual property or based on a new Manitoba intellectual property.
- Be a series or mini-series (a minimum of two thematically connected episodes);
- Be a scripted and fictional (drama or comedy), documentary, variety, or children’s podcast;
- Be primarily intended for commercial broadcast or commercial distribution;
- Be developed in Manitoba;

Funding will be offered in the form of a recoupable advance that must be repaid on the first day of principal recording of the podcast.  Any sale or transfer of ownership (either copyright or share) by the Manitoba producer must be at fair market value, and “first-dollar-in” proceeds must be used to repay Manitoba Film & Music’s development loan immediately.

Eligible Production Companies may receive up to the following per project caps:

- Up to $12,500 per project for scripted, fictional programming (including drama, comedy, and scripted children’s programming); and
- Up to $7,500 per project for non-fiction programming (documentary, variety, children’s non-fiction programming).

In addition, per project funding will not exceed up to 50% of the podcast development budget. Each project may only receive one round of Pilot Podcast Development Fund funding.

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