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Pilot Podcast Production Fund

In recognition of the need to stimulate the creation of innovative, marketable projects, employment and investment in Manitoba, the MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC Pilot Podcast Production Fund is designed to support the production of multi-episodic podcast productions based on new or existing Manitoba intellectual property that have sufficient financing to complete the project.

The MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC Pilot Podcast Production Fund provides financial support in the form of an equity investment for producers to complete their projects intended for broadcast or distribution.

To be eligible for financial support, the applicant must:

- Be a resident Manitoba producer, defined as a producer who operates a company in Manitoba that is majority owned and controlled by Manitoba residents.  Note:  Applications must be submitted by an eligible Manitoba resident producer;
- Demonstrate the ability of the production team to successfully manage and complete the project (eg. track record based on previous productions of similar scope in terms of being on schedule and on budget);
- Have proof of ownership in the property and the necessary, corresponding current rights to produce and exploit the production (may be shared in the case of co-productions and co-ventures).

To be eligible for financial support, the project must:

- Be either an adaptation of an existing Manitoba intellectual property or based on a new Manitoba intellectual property.
- Be a series or mini-series (a minimum of two thematically connected episodes);
- Be a scripted and fictional (drama or comedy), documentary, variety, or children’s podcast;
- Use the highest possible proportion of Manitoba resources in its crew, cast, and facilities;
- Be produced in Manitoba;
- Be primarily intended for broadcast or commercial distribution; the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate that the strategy for monetization is viable;
- Have confirmed, verifiable financing of at least 50% of the total production budget at the time of application;
- In the absence of verifiable pre-sales, broadcast licences, distribution advances, MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC does require the producer or an independent third party financier as an equity investor who is also at risk.
- Have a realistic and detailed marketing plan, the sufficiency of which is at the sole discretion of MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC.

Funding will be offered in the form of an equity investment up to the LESSER of the following two thresholds:

- Up to $20,000 per half hour episode; OR
- Up to 50% of the total production budget;

The level of financial participation will be calculated on the cash portion of the budget only.  Deferrals and services in kind will not be included in the calculation. 

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