MFM Funded Artists

Manitoba film & Music has funded the following artists since April 2019.

Music Recording Production Fund - Level 1

Ami Cheon, Rhianna Rae Saj, Ariane Jean, Sophie Stevens, Liam Duncan

Music Recording Production Fund - Level 2

Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Raine Hamilton

Music Recording Production Fund - Level 3


Music Recording Production Fund for Out of Province Artists

Katy Hurt

Recording Artist Touring Support Program

Mobina GaloreLiving Hour, Slow LeavesRaine HamiltonTunic, Micah ErenbergApollo SunsBegoniaSean Burns, Boniface, Logan McKillop, SHEAMadeleine Roger, PetricRoyal Canoe, Ariel Posen, KEN mode, RayannahRoman Clarke, Joey LandrethAlone I Walk, Eamon McGrath, Lev Snowe, Kris Ulrich, Tyler Del Pino

Record Product Marketing Fund

SHEA, Madeleine RogerBegonia, Logan McKillop, Leaf Rapids, Field Guide, Yes We Mystic, Roman Clarke, Warming, Joey Landreth, Tyler Del Pino, Noah Derksen, Micah Erenberg

Music and Viral Video Fund

Mobina Galore, Renee LamoureuxBegonia, SHEA, Red Moon Road, Living Hour, Ariel Posen


Manitoba Film & Music has funded the following videos: