Manitoba Film & Music Funded Artists

Manitoba film & Music has funded the following artists since April 2023:


Produce Level 1


Produce Level 2


Produce Level 3


Produce - Out of Province Artists



Apollo SunsKEN mode, Mobina Galore, Comeback Kid, Screaming at TrafficBegonia, The Bros LandrethField Guide, Tunic, Del Barber, Petric, Pretzil Stex, Quinton Blair, Little Miss Higgins, Amos the Kid, Noah Derksen


Apollo Suns, KEN mode, Comeback KidThe Bros Landreth, Kris Ulrich, Mouraine, Tyler Del Pino, Encore, Jeremie & the Delicious Hounds, Sala, Noah Derksen, Slow Leaves, Will Bonness, Begonia


Manitoba Film & Music has funded the following videos: