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To encourage the development of new markets for Manitoba music recording products and to provide Manitoba recording artists with the opportunity to reach audiences and market their product nationally and internationally through touring.


Program Requirements for Applicants


Eligible applicants: The applicant must be an artist who is a Manitoba resident. The contact person can be a representative of the artist (e.g., manager, label, grant writer). 


Ineligible applicants: Government departments, public agencies or other public institutions, and public or private broadcasting companies are not eligible.  Not for profit organizations and charitable ventures are not eligible.


Manitoba residency requirement: A Manitoba resident means an individual who is legally entitled to be and remain in Canada and is currently a resident of Manitoba and has been for not less than three hundred and sixty-five (365) days prior to the date of application to Manitoba Film & Music. In the case of partnerships, a minimum of 50% of the partnership must meet this residency requirement.


Minimum age: Please be advised that the minimum age for application to Manitoba Film & Music’s programs is 18. In situations where the Artist does not meet the minimum age requirement, a parent or legal guardian may apply on their behalf, providing they agree to the terms and conditions provided in the program guidelines.


First time applicants: We want to help you create the best application possible. Please set up a one-on-one consultation with us to ensure you understand our programs and all the requirements. Please contact the Music Programs Coordinator prior to applying.


Artist/applicant in ‘good standing’: No new applications will be approved if an applicant or artist has a file overdue, and/or owes money back for a previous grant.


Business registration and bank information: The applicant must be registered as a business or incorporated in Manitoba. Contact the Companies Office to register your business name. In the case of applicants under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must be a signee on the business registration. This business/incorporation must have a valid Manitoba chequing account to be used for this project.


Other funding: Applicants to Manitoba Film & Music are encouraged to apply to FACTOR, Canada Council for the Arts, and MUSICACTION if they meet these agencies’ eligibility requirements, and indicate the amount applied for on the application. Inquiries to FACTOR may be directed to the agency's regional evaluation coordinator at Manitoba Music, (204) 942-8650.


Currency: All monies indicated are in Canadian dollars.


Respectful workplace: Any applicant seeking funding from Manitoba Film & Music shall maintain the principles of an inclusive and respectful workplace, which includes taking every reasonable step to: (i) cultivate a respectful, inclusive and supportive work culture by promoting awareness and education regarding the prevention of harassment; (ii) provide a safe mechanism for the reporting of incidents or allegations of harassment or inappropriate behavior, while supporting and protecting complainants and victims; and (iii) take action to identify and eliminate workplace harassment in a timely manner. Any applicant found to be in breach of the terms noted above will have any funding awarded revoked and will not be allowed to participate in MFM-funded programs.


Tour Program Guidelines


Perform - live concert tour support: For applicants with a current MFM-funded release, Manitoba Film & Music’s financial participation may be up to 50% of the total eligible costs to a maximum of $15,000 per fiscal year (April 1st – March 31st).  For applicants without a current MFM-funded release, Manitoba Film & Music’s financial participation may be up to 50% of the total eligible costs to a maximum of $7,500 per fiscal year. Funds will be disbursed according to a pre-arranged schedule and satisfactory reporting requirements. Financial participation will be in the form of a contribution.


Perform - tour support application details: All applicants must attach a detailed tour itinerary, marketing plan including information on your release, distribution, and promotional plans specific to the tour. In order to be recognized as a tour, the itinerary must consist of a minimum of four (4) confirmed performances, occurring on four (4) different days and the tour dates cannot have a break of more than seven days in-between them. Hometown concerts and concerts within a 150 km radius of the artist’s hometown are not eligible tour dates. Festival appearances count as one (1) tour date, regardless of the number of performances over the course of the festival.


Non-Manitoba-Film-&-Music-funded releases: Applications for touring support for projects that Manitoba Film & Music does not have a financial interest in may be considered, but only after all eligibility criteria have been met or exceeded.


Current release window: The application must support a commercially released single, EP, or full-length album that is widely available on all major digital music platforms. The application must be received within two (2) years of the recording’s release in Canada, or no more than six (6) months prior to the release. The release of the first single from an EP or album marks the beginning of the two-year eligible release window for that EP or album. Recordings must be mastered and ready for release at time of application. The confirmed release date must be indicated in the application.


Starmaker artists: Artists who can access Radio Starmaker funding for tour support are not eligible to apply to Manitoba Film & Music.


Manitoba Film & Music-Funded Out of Province Recording Artists: Out of Province Recording Artists who have received Manitoba Film & Music funding for their current release are eligible to apply to the Perform program. Manitoba Film & Music’s financial participation may be up to 50% of the total eligible costs to a maximum of $5,000 per fiscal year.


Deadline for Applications


Application deadline: Fully completed applications must be submitted to Manitoba Film & Music prior to the commencement of the proposed live concert tour or before costs are incurred to be eligible. Any costs incurred before the application is submitted will not be acknowledged as expenses for the project. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. 


Grant management portal applications only: Manitoba Film & Music is only accepting applications through the grant management portal


Application templates: Applications must be completed on current Manitoba Film & Music-supplied application forms and templates as provided in the grant management portal. Self-generated budget documents or templates will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will be declined.


Eligible Expenses


Eligible expenses: All costs related to the tour are eligible. These expenses must be set out in advance in a budget submitted along with the application, and approved by Manitoba Film & Music.


In-house and related party costs: In-house costs are not accepted as eligible expenses. Applicants must disclose all related party and non-arm’s-length transactions in the submitted budget. Related party costs are only accepted if the person has a professional track record in the field of the service being delivered and has a registered business or corporation. Further to this, the expenses are accepted at the discretion of MFM staff and only if MFM can establish fair market value for the service being delivered. Related parties must be declared on the application form.


Mileage/Gas Receipts: Manitoba Film & Music allows personal vehicle usage at $0.58/km, which may be claimed in place of gas expenses. To claim mileage, please include an invoice showing the starting and ending kilometer amounts (a form is provided in the cost report documents package). Gas receipts will only be accepted where the applicant is renting a vehicle. The applicant may only claim gas or mileage, not both.


Tour promo costs: Tour promo costs are capped at a maximum of $750 CAD.


Per diems and artist fees: These costs may be paid in cash and submitted for cost reporting purposes on a single receipt per person, for the full amounts paid out. Receipts must be signed by each individual person claiming the per diem and artist fee. Artist fees are capped at $300 CAD per musician per show, and can be paid, donated, or a combination of the two. Allowable per diem rates are as follows:


Donated Investment: Donated investment will be recognized as an eligible cost. Manitoba Film & Music will recognize up to a maximum of 25% of the final accepted total costs of the project as donated investment. Artist fees may be donated to a maximum of $300 per show, per person performing, and a valid signed receipt must be submitted for cost reporting.


Admin fee: An Administrative Fee is recognized as an eligible cost for live concert tours. Manitoba Film & Music will recognize up to a maximum of 15% of the final accepted total costs of the project or $1,500, whichever is lower, as the Administrative Fee. The admin fee may not be claimed for online concerts.


Financial Participation


Financing plan: Applicants must demonstrate the financial ability to manage and complete the project based on the budget submitted. A financing plan must be submitted along with the application. The financing plan can consist of a written statement saying how the applicant plans to finance the budget shortfall not covered by Manitoba Film & Music funding or other funds/revenues.


Payments and advances: Funds will be disbursed according to a pre-arranged schedule and subject to satisfactory reporting requirements. The disbursement schedule will be as follows: 60% of Manitoba Film & Music’s commitment amount upon the signing of Manitoba Film & Music’s funding agreement, and 40% upon the submission and review by staff of your final report, with acceptable proof of payment (cancelled cheques, eTransfer receipts, credit card statements and money orders), and including any deliverables such as written reports, promotional materials, videos, or recordings.


Funding contributions: Applicants must disclose all other sources of financial assistance for the project. Manitoba Film & Music’s contribution to the project combined with any other funding, including Government or terrestrial radio programs cannot exceed 100% of the Total Eligible Budget.

Showcase funding: Where an artist receives showcase support from Manitoba Music for a showcase concert on a Manitoba Film & Music funded tour, the combined Manitoba Film & Music and Manitoba Music contribution cannot exceed 50% of the tour budget.


Manitoba Film & Music credit and logo: Manitoba Film & Music’s logo must be placed on all marketing and promotional materials produced for this project as credit for funding, and a copy of each item must be submitted with the final reporting documents. Please refer to the Resources section on for print-ready graphics.


Approvals: Approval of all applications is at the discretion of Manitoba Film & Music. Manitoba Film & Music may impose modifications to the budget submitted.


Project changes: It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform Manitoba Film & Music of any changes to the original budget, the creative direction or the financing structure of the project in order for the project to remain eligible for funding.


Final Reporting


Completion report requirement: A completed cost report is required using a Manitoba Film & Music-supplied template. Artist fees are only accepted on Manitoba Film & Music’s supplied artist services invoice template. Please use your original budget form to track expenses. Applicants must keep invoices/receipts directly related to the project, as well as their corresponding proof of payment. Once Manitoba Film & Music has reviewed the cost report, the costs will be subject to a spot audit. For costs selected for the spot audit, Manitoba Film & Music will require copies of the receipts in question and corresponding proofs of payment.

Manitoba Film & Music accepts only the following as satisfactory forms of proof of payment:


Cost reports must be submitted via Manitoba Film & Music’s grant management portal to be considered. Links to any media funded by the application must be included in your completion report.


Verification of services: Manitoba Film & Music will perform a test of invoices and proofs of payments, and this shall include contacting suppliers and/or payees for verification of submitted invoices and costs.


Receipt copies: Applicants must keep original copies of receipts submitted with their final reporting. Only scans of original receipts should accompany the final reporting paperwork. 


Payment types: Cash payments will only be accepted for those expenses that are less than $150 and are substantiated by receipts from verified vendors. Cash payments to non-verified vendors or in amounts greater than $150 will not be accepted. Artist Fees of $300 or less that are paid in cash are exempt from the $150 payment limit.


Manitoba Film & Music reserves the right to review and amend the Perform program guidelines at any time.

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