Jury Process

How it works

Manitoba Film & Music’s juries are made up of local music industry professionals specializing in a specific genre of music. They may include producers, broadcasters, managers, label owners/representatives, artists/songwriters, media and retailers.

Juries evaluate submissions based on the quality of the music and overall project plan. They take into consideration the songwriting, arrangement, musical performance, lyrics, vocals and musicianship of the demo submitted, as well as the artist’s production team, support team and potential for success with the proposed project.

Following a jury decision, all applicants are informed of the results. Unsuccessful applicants may contact MFM’s director of music programs if they wish to receive feedback on their application.

Only applications to MFM’s Produce and Produce Out of Province Artist programs are evaluated through the jury process. Applications to the Promote, Perform and Build programs are evaluated by MFM based on project development plans, track records, touring schedules, strength of support team, distribution plans and/or business viability.

Becoming a juror

Apply to be a juror by filling out the Application Form and submitting to MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC via email.