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MFM announces submission deadline for letter of interest to CMF’s Predevelopment Program

Posted on May 13, 2022

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has announced its 2022-2023 guidelines for the Predevelopment Program to support eligible projects at the beginning of a project’s creative process.

Provincial funding agencies are considered a triggering group alongside Canadian broadcasters. As Manitoba Film & Music is limited to a maximum of two (2) projects it can trigger, potential applicants who would like to be considered for a letter of interest must submit to Manitoba Film & Music the following information by 11:59 PM CST on Wednesday, May 25, 2022:

1) Preliminary project outline including but not limited to:

2) Resumes of all producers, writers, directors and any other creative talent attached or intended

3) Detailed budget and financing plan for the pre-development phase on which the application is based

4) Pre-development schedule, and

5) Preliminary pitch and market readiness plan indicating the strategy and scope of the pitch to national and international broadcasters, target audience and market potential.

Manitoba Film & Music will review and rank the complete applications it has received by the due date and provide a letter of interest to the two successful applicants prior to the first opening date of June 7, 2022. Any applications for consideration of a letter of interest from Manitoba Film & Music will not be considered after the due date of 11:59 PM CST on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

The CMF Predevelopment Program is a first come first served program with a first opening date of June 7, 2022, and a final closing date of December 6, 2022. The complete guidelines are available on the CMF’s website: For clarity, only an eligible English or French-language Television Component (defined in section 3.2 of the CMF Predevelopment Program Guidelines) will be considered an eligible project in this program. Please ensure that your project is eligible under the CMF Predevelopment Program Guidelines or it will not be considered for a letter for interest.

Please submit your request for consideration of a letter of interest along with the supporting documentation detailed above and direct any questions to Liam Brennan, Development and Film Program Analyst at

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