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IN PLAIN VIEW Nuit Blanche Screening

Posted on September 18, 2013

Presented by Manitoba Film & Music and On Screen Manitoba with support from Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Saturday, September 28
9pm – 6am, Artspace  - Ground Floor Windows

Silent short films projected on the ground floor windows of Artspace create a mysteriously inviting atmosphere. Abstract images and ghostly forms flicker in the night.... come explore your imagination and that of some Manitoba video and filmmakers including Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin. The screening will begin at 9pm and run all night until 6am on Sunday.

Selected Films:

Asleep At The Wheel
Mike Maryniuk
Using found footage of road trips from the 60's, Maryniuk has crafted a psychedelic tribute piece to a friend. Maryniuk's techniques included hole punching and reassembling, bleaching, painting, scratch animation and boiling the film.

James Pomeroy
A short abstract film that is an experiment in colour rhythm and movement, referencing both the visual music and the materialist/conceptualist traditions in avant-garde filmmaking.

Alison Davis
Based on photographs taken by my grandfather this watercolour animation documents the disintegration of a relationship.

Val Klassen
In 1961, at the age of 9, I performed an “Egyptian Dance” at Pantages Playhouse Theatre, presented by McConnell’s School of Dance. My proud dad, J.C. (Bud) Mooney, captured the moment on film.

The Doll Maker
Matheu Plouffe
A humble doll maker assembles his creations out of abandoned and discarded dolls. After a great struggle the doll maker creates something completely original and new. He presents his latest achievement to the public, but the unveiling is usurped by another doll maker. The audience flocks to the more traditional doll presented by the rival rather than the avant-garde creation of the doll maker. Rejected, the doll maker takes his work and returns it to the wasteland from which it came.

Evan Johnson, Guy Maddin
Ectoloops are photographic evidence of 18 seances filmed by Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in Feb/March of 2012, with the participation of movie actors Charlotte Rampling, Mathieu Amalric, Geraldine Chaplin, Udo Kier, Maria de Medeiros, Adèle Haenel, Ariane Labed, Elina Löwensohn, André Wilms, Slimane Dazi, Jacques Nolot, Gregory Gadebois & Victoire du Bois.

Going going gone
Carole O’Brien
A young girl's dispute with her mother… and its unexpected poetic unraveling. She waves to the camera and as her turmoil disappears, so does she.

((in stasis))
Aaron Zeghers
A hibernation meditation.

The Pieced Quilt
Scott Fitzpatrick
Ink is lifted directly from the page in a physical adaptation of the bullfinch press book of the same title; cameraless animation on 16mm film.

Presque Vu
Cecilia Araneda
Lush hand-crafted film footage and HD images combine to reveal a mysterious past through remnants of a memory that is almost remembered, but which never fully develops. A girl speaks, but her words cannot be understood.

Primiti Too Taa
Ed Ackerman, Colin Morton
An excerpt from the poem "Ursonate" (Sonata in primitive sounds) by Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948)

Rue Cauchon
Matthew Powers
A time lapse shot from my apartment window over the course of a year, chronicling the comings and goings of a busy Winnipeg neighbourhood.

Ian Bawa, Markus Henkel, Milos Mitrovic, and Fabian Velasco
Trying to cure his loneliness, a bored ghost puts on a garage sale in front of his dilapidated home. After being robbed of his prized ukulele by a customer, the ghost is visited by a pretty young girl who he tries to impress.

Ryan Hill
An experiment with texture and movement as generated by machine learning algorithms.

The Story of Thomas Edison
Aaron Zeghers
A film about the childhood heroes you so admired, and now don't speak to. Partially hand-processed and all optically printed, The Story of Thomas Edison is a mélange of audio bites that form a libelous biography of a famous inventor.

Tattoo Step
Mike Maryniuk
Made with nothing but thousands of temporary tattoos and a strip of 35mm leader. A tip of the hat to Stan Brakhage's Moth Light. Temporary Tattoos applied to 35mm for eternity. An energetic conjuring of Manitoban spirits. Starring: Haunted HyperActive Hypnotists and Breakneck Butterfly Barfbags.

Robert Pasternak
An abstract designed film that started as an experiment. Made by applying 'border tape' (a long obsolete product used by graphic and production artists to make borders for ads) directly to clear 16mm film stock to see how the various patterns would synchronize with the frame rate and with one another.





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