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New Application Fee for the Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit

Posted on June 26, 2017

For all productions where principal photography begins after August 31, 2017, an Application Fee will now be charged with respect to each Completion Application submitted to Manitoba Film & Music. The required Application Fee is determined in part based on the final cost of production. The Application Fee schedule is:

- A minimum of CAD$350, regardless of the level of the final production costs; plus
- 0.05% of the production’s final total cost of production that exceeds CAD$20,000;
- to a maximum of CAD$5,000.

The final cost of production is all final costs paid through the applicant corporation. Please note that in the case of co-productions and co-ventures where production costs have been split between separate single-purpose corporations (one for Manitoba costs and another for non-Manitoba costs), the final total cost of production will be based on costs that are paid through the applicant corporation only.

The Application Fee is payable by cheque or money order made payable to Manitoba Film & Music at the time the Completion Application is submitted to MFM. Separate cheques or money orders are required for each Completion Application. Under no circumstances shall the Application Fee be reimbursed to the applicant. Please note that the Application Fee is required in order for the application to be reviewed. Completion Certificates will not be issued until cheques have cleared. There is no fee charged for a Registration Application (Part A). There is no fee charged for an Advance Certificate of Eligibility Application.

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