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Music Programs Announcement for 2021-2022

Posted on April 1, 2021

Music Programs Announcement for 2021-2022

Arts and Culture Sustainability Funds
Manitoba Film & Music is proud to continue to play a significant role in assisting the Manitoba music industry through the pandemic.

It was recently announced that Manitoba Film & Music will receive $250,000 in additional funding through the Government of Manitoba’s newly-created Arts and Culture Sustainability Funds. These funds are meant to specifically support the sustainability of our music industry. Further program updates regarding this new funding will be announced in the next few weeks. Manitoba Film & Music would like to thank the Provincial government for their continued support of the music industry.

Manitoba Film & Music 2021-2022 program deadlines
Recording Production Fund and Recording Production Fund for Out-of-Province Artists deadlines:

May 20, 2021
September 23, 2021
January 20, 2022

Business Development program deadline

June 17, 2021

Applications are due at 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline. Manitoba Film & Music is only accepting applications by email to Applications must be in a downloadable Google Drive or Dropbox folder, and labelled “Artist Name – Program Applied For.” All documents must be in PDF format.
Manitoba Film & Music announces the following changes to the music programs for the 2021-2022 fiscal year

All programs: FACTOR, Musicaction and Canada Council application requirement

Manitoba Film & Music has removed the requirement that applicants seeking funding from Manitoba Film & Music’s music programs must also apply to FACTOR, Musicaction or Canada Council. Manitoba Film & Music has made applications to these programs optional. Manitoba Film & Music encourages applicants to seek other funding to support their projects.

Tour, video and marketing programs: Release window guideline clarification

Manitoba Film & Music is clarifying the rule governing the eligible release window for the tour, video and marketing programs. The eligible release funding window is based on the first release from a recording (single, EP, album). Applicants can apply for funding six months prior to the first single’s release or two years after.

Recording program: Self-production eligible expenses

In situations where the artist is self-producing a record in their own accredited studio, the studio costs are ineligible (these are considered in-house expenses). Self producing artists can claim either an artist or producer fee (max. $300 per day) plus a per diem ($45), which are both capped at one day per song recorded (one song recorded = $300 plus a per diem of $45).

Tour program: Online concert production expenses

Applicants seeking online concert funding can claim production expenses in their application. The production costs are to cover items such as technical crew or rentals. The production costs are capped at $200 per concert and are covered at 100% of the verified costs. The maximum award per concert has been raised to $1,700 and the annual cap for online concert funding to $5,100 to account for the production expense. If applicants are claiming crew, resumes for the crew must be included with the application.

Reminder: COVID-19 Response Program Changes from 2020
Please note that the support programs Manitoba Film & Music put in place in 2020-2021 during the beginning of the pandemic will remain for 2021-2022.

Online concert funding
Business Development Grant for Presenters/Emerging Companies
Marketing Program, tour date requirement is suspended
Preproduction grants
Increased funding contributions for recording program Level 1 (3K) and increased budget portion for all recording programs (100% of costs for level 1, 75% of costs for level 2, 60% of costs for Level 3)
Capacity for artists to record at home if working with accredited producer on project

For more information please contact the music department staff,

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