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Request for Proposals - Digital portal and CRM system

Posted on December 6, 2021

Issued by:                                                                                  
Manitoba Film & Music
410-93 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 3B1

1. Request for Proposal 
Manitoba Film & Music is seeking proposals to build a web-based grants management system (GMS) with an integrated database. Manitoba Film & Music is seeking to replace its current database and create an online application portal and system to manage its funding and tax credit programs. The agency is seeking to launch the new system in May–July 2022. Proposals are due on December 17 before 5 p.m. Please ensure your RFP details how the proposed system manages the following: online applications, online assessment, relationship management, accounting and budgeting data tracking, access and security, system querying and reporting, customization, ease of use, support and training. Full details on the system and RFP requirements are listed in this document.

2. Introduction to Manitoba Film & Music
The Manitoba Film & Sound Recording Development Corporation (Manitoba Film & Music) is a statutory corporation of government proclaimed under the Manitoba Film and Sound Recording Development Corporation Act funded by the Province of Manitoba through the Department of Sport, Culture and Heritage. We exist so Manitoba's film and music industries flourish.

Manitoba Film & Music supports our province’s film and music industries through our objectives, which are to create, stimulate, employ and invest in Manitoba by developing and promoting Manitoba companies; producing and marketing film, television, video and music recording projects; and to promote Manitoba as a film location for national and international production companies. Manitoba Film & Music is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

As a funding agency, Manitoba Film & Music administers the Manitoba Film and Video Tax Credit Program on behalf of the Government of Manitoba and provides funding for the development and production of Manitoba-made content (both media production and music). Manitoba Film & Music also promotes the Manitoba media production industry and the Manitoba music industry nationally and internationally. As the provincial film commission, we promote Manitoba as a filming location. We are the first point of contact for production inquiries regarding location photos and the tax credit program.

Manitoba Film & Music offers a series of music funding programs to help expand the already impressive Manitoba music scene. As a government funding agency, we encourage music recording artists and songwriters in the Province of Manitoba to develop and promote their skills with assistance through five funding programs. Manitoba Film & Music also supports the growth of the music industry through a business development program, supporting labels, managers, publishers and live music presenters.

3. Manitoba Film & Music’s current technical environment

4. Value-added software requirements
As part of this RFP, Manitoba Film & Music has identified features that are a current priority for the CRM and Grant Management System.



Application portal functionality:

Program application processing:


Issuing of notices/letters:

Interim and final reporting on project:

Report issuing capacity:

Finance/budget tracking:


System administration:

5. Selection criteria
Manitoba Film & Music will use multiple criteria to select the most appropriate software partner. Respondents are encouraged to be thorough in their proposals. We will be reviewing proposals with a lens of demonstrated customer service quality and support.

Any given bidder, including the lowest bid, may not be successful. Manitoba Film & Music is not responsible for any costs incurred by the respondents in preparing or submitting their proposals.

6. Response contents and format
Please complete all sections of the RFP. If additional material is required or further questions must be answered, please label attachments clearly and reference them in your response. Your response to this RFP will serve as the basis for the consideration of your potential as a partner.

RFP additional requirements

RFP scope of work detail

7. Information requirements

7.1 Corporate information
For the purposes of understanding more about your company and your ability to successfully fulfill this important Manitoba Film & Music requirement, please provide the information below as part of your response, clearly referencing each specific question.

7.2 Proposed approach
For the purposes of understanding more about your company and your ability to successfully fulfill this important Manitoba Film & Music requirement, please provide the information below as part of your response, clearly referencing each specific question.

i.  Key activities
ii. Timing
iii. Information/resource requirements from Manitoba Film & Music
iv. Deliverables
v.  Key milestones, checkpoints and other decision points

i.    Online applications
ii.   Online assessment
iii.   Relationship management
iv.   Accounting & budgeting
v.    Data tracking, access and security
vi.   System querying & reporting
vii.  Customization
viii. Ease of use
x.   Support & training

8. Cost
Please describe the pricing model you employ, including:

Please outline costs associated with configuration (e.g., data migration, customizing workflows, templates and instruction manuals), implementation (data migration), support (e.g., administrator training vs user training), and maintenance (e.g., troubleshooting, upgrades) in Canadian dollars.

9. Communication and response
Kevin Gabriel is the designated Manitoba Film & Music representative for managing the RFP intake. For any information, please direct all inquires as follows:

Kevin Gabriel, Chief Operating Officer
Manitoba Film & Music
410-93 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3B1
(204) 947-2040

10. Response delivery instructions
Please submit an electronic copy of your proposal to:

Kevin Gabriel, Chief Operating Officer

11. Key dates

RFP issued: 03/12/21
Intent to respond & questions due: 09/12/21
Answers provided: 13/12/21
Proposals due: 17/12/21*
Selection: 04/01/22

*Please deliver your proposal by 5 p.m. CST on day of deadline.

12. Additional information
Application volumes

Application volume–the below is based on yearly averages

Music: 250 applications by 100 unique applicants
Tax credits: 135 applications by 100 unique applicants
Film programs: 110 applications by 60 unique applicants
Estimated number of external user logins per year: 3,000

GMS system user descriptions

Internal users: It is anticipated that there will be eight staff that are high-level system users who work extensively in the GMS and three staff who are lower-level users.

External users: External users will be applicants to Manitoba Film & Music’s film and music programs and the Film & Video Production Tax Credit Program, Manitoba Film & Music jurors, and CRA staff who access information regarding the tax credit. Manitoba Film & Music expects that there will be the following external users: 60 jurors and CRA-level users who will need access to certain application information. These persons may change from year to year, as well as the level of information-access they require.

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