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Changes to Manitoba Film & Music’s 2022-23 Music Program Guidelines

Posted on April 6, 2022

Manitoba Film & Music (MFM) is pleased to announce the following updates to our music program guidelines for the 2022-23 fiscal year.  

Music Recording Recording Fund program guideline changes 

Applications for recording projects at mixing phase  

MFM has changed the rule that stated the agency must be involved in funding the initial record tracking sessions for an application to be eligible for funding through the recording program.  

MFM will now accept applications for recording projects seeking funding for mixing and album completion costs and are not seeking funding for track costs. The mixing must be done in Manitoba using an accredited mix engineer or studio. The application must be for more than just the mixing; it must also encompass mastering and related completion costs, like graphic design and manufacturing.  

Please note that applications that are completed using Manitoba-based facilities, including recording, mixing and mastering, will score higher in our juried review. 

Accredited Studios list becomes Accredited Recording Services 

MFM has revised the name and related criteria for recording studio accreditation. The name has been revised to Accredited Recording Services and now includes Manitoba recording studios, mix engineers and producers. The use of one of these professionals on applications is considered a fulfilment of the accredited requirements.  

End of the Preproduction tier of the recording program 

The program was designed to allow for artists to work on material during studio closures and lockdowns but, due to the change in business conditions related to the health orders, MFM has discontinued this program. 

The deadlines for applications to the Music Recording Production Fund and the Music Recording Production Fund for Out-of-Province Artists are as follows: 
· May 19, 2022; September 15, 2022; January 19, 2023 

Music Video and Viral Video Fund program guideline changes 

Music video funding only available in the first year of a recording’s release cycle 

Applicants are only able to access music video funding in the first year of release of a recording. This date will be determined by the official release date of the first single from an EP or album. Previously, MFM allowed for applicants to access funding for video production for two years after a release. 


Music Business Development Fund program guideline changes 

Number of funded applications per company 

MFM is limiting the number of times one company can access the Emerging Companies and Established Companies program streams. A single company can now access up to three awards per level. After three awards, the company would need to show additional investment and MFM would only support new initiatives that have not been previously funded. 

The deadline for applications to the Music Business Development Fund is June 16, 2022. 

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