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Manitoba Film & Music Announces Selections for Manitoba Shorts Program

Posted on May 19, 2021

WINNIPEG (May 19, 2021) – Manitoba Film & Music announced today this year’s selections for the Manitoba Shorts Program. The initiative, developed in partnership with Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund, is designed to finance short films from Manitoba filmmaking teams, showcasing new creative visions and furthering the careers of writers, directors and producers as they move towards feature filmmaking.

The following short film projects each receive $20,000 in combined financial contributions from the Manitoba Shorts Program: Knots from writer/director Stephanie Sy and producer Matt Schween; Metamorphosis from writer/director Vincent Tang and producers Carrie Wilkins, Jason Wilkins and Scott Hadaller; and My Son Went Quiet from writer/director Ian Bawa and producer Markus Henkel.

The selected films represent a diverse spectrum of voices and genres from Manitoba’s filmmaking community.

“The success of our partnership with The Harold Greenburg Fund last year was reflected in the quality of short films produced by emerging Manitoba filmmakers. We are confident these latest recipients of the Manitoba Shorts Program will be equally successful. Independent short films are the first step in the journey for aspiring filmmakers and can become a professional calling card,” said Rachel Rusen, Chief Executive Officer and Film Commissioner, Manitoba Film & Music.

About the films:


Gracie, a Filipino daycare worker, meets the childhood version of herself and the two share a common thread.

Writer/Director: Stephanie Sy

Producer: Matt Schween


A terminally ill father struggling with leaving his daughter behind puts his family in danger when he is tricked by a mirror image of himself that offers the false promise of a cure.

Writer/Director: Vincent Tang

Producers: Carrie Wilkins, Jason Wilkins and Scott Hadaller


My Son Went Quiet

After the death of his wife, a South Asian father and his son begin seeing a shadow around the walls of their home, who the son believes to be his mother.

Writer/Director: Ian Bawa

Producer Markus Henkel


About Manitoba Film & Music:

Manitoba film programs administered by Manitoba Film & Music are a catalyst for Manitoba’s film industry through the development, support and investment in Manitoba content. Manitoba Film & Music is generously funded by the province of Manitoba through the department of Sport, Culture and Heritage, with the objective to stimulate creative content that results in inward investment, local employment and IP for Manitoba artists and companies.

For more information:

Janice Tober

Director, Communications & Marketing

Manitoba Film & Music


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